The initial phase of the PhD and parts of the fieldwork have been made possible by the generous support from the Elena Kuzinez Foundation. Many thanks to Elena Kuzinez and the Kuzinez family!


Colleagues at the Development Planning Unit at UCL´s Bartlett, Faculty of the Built Environment in London create a warm yet challenging atmosphere. Special thanks go to my supervisors Dr. Colin Marx and Dr. Camillo Boano for their support and to Dr. Julio Davila for his enormous commitment and considerate way of running the unit.

With their hospitality and intellectual input, Dr. Diane E Davis (Harvard, GSD), and Dr. John Tirman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, CIS) had a great influence on the work leading to the PhD; many thanks to them!

A major thank you also goes to the mentors who supported me during and after my master-thesis:

Dr. Gudrun Harrer, renown Middle East expert from the Austrian DerStandard.

Professor Dr. Christian Schmid (ETH Zurich), Professor Roger Diener and particularly Professor Marcel Meili from ETH´s Studio Basel who devoted their time in supporting my thesis-project and thinking about ways to pursue it further.

For the freedom and support to approach a topic like this in the course of an architecture thesis, and for an environment of openness and inspiration, I am grateful to the University of Art and Design, Linz. I would like to especially thank Prof. Roland Gnaiger, head of the architecture department, and rector Dr. Reinhard Kannonier for their relentless commitment to comprehensive education.


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